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The Questioningly Rejoicing Committee


Hello! Today has been a really long day. First I woke up really early to go to the train and meet my classmates and two of our teachers. We were going to visit a scientific place and learn some more about science. One thing that I found really interesting was the adactus, it is some kind of antenna used for communication. It was really cool. Usually when we go to universities or science places with school it is not very fun. But today was really fun and I think everyone enjoyed the field trip. I will definitely write a ...

I sell muffins for the team.

To earn some extra money for the team of my sons ice hockey, we as parents, decided to sell muffins during the matches. I love to bake especially with my new muffin cups. So every weekend I bake about 50 muffins and we sell them during the match. Every weekend all the muffins are sold out with 20 minutes and my sons team is a little bit more richer. With that money they pay for tournaments or when they want something else to do with the team which may costs money. They also have a sponsor who pay some of ...